Sunday, May 31, 2009

Candy of the month mar. 09

So I've been MIA for a few months thanks to work and other things, but oh all the food adventures I had! There will be much more soon!
We had our last candy of the month in March, hopefully we'll be renewing it soon. Our last was the Idaho Spud candy from the Owyhee Idaho Candy Co. It's a marshmallow center covered in chocolate rolled in coconut candy bar which is supposed to look like a potato? Now thinking about it i don't really understand how it's supposed to LOOK like a potato, because nothing about it does except the lump like a potato shape. I know right off the bat this is NOT the candy for me because i don't like coconut at all, and i'm not the biggest fan of marshmallow. Boy oh boy i can't wait to try it.. . .. .. . ... Wincing as take the first bie...... It's worse than i'd ever imagine!!! Okay so the coconut wasn't THAT bad but the marshmallow was the most disgusting thing i'd ever placed in my mouth. It wasn't soft gooey sweet marshmallow we are all used to. It was like they added way tooo much gelatin, and it tasted like cookies N' cream (not the good kind either) not marshmallow. I do not recommend this gelatinous candy to anyone! But if you do like marshmallow, coconut and chocolate i think you may like it.
You can buy some of these little spuds and read more about it at