Sunday, August 2, 2009


The joys of having an ice cream machine!! Super healthy sorbet whenever you want it! Great for a snack anytime, or dessert.
I seen this kiwi sorbet recipe in the gourmet magazine a few months ago and i'v been dying to try it out. Finally! I did today. It's so good!!! It's so smooth, sweet and tangy all rolled into one. I absolutely will make this again and many more times after that! It's so pretty too!

Kiwi Sorbet
2 lbs kiwi (about 8 kiwis)
3/4 C sugar

Peel the kiwi and cut them into quarters
Put them in the food processor with the sugar
Pulse kiwi and sugar together until almost smooth
Put the kiwi puree into a bowl and into the fridge until chilled
Put it in your ice cream machine and let it go, don't over churn it or it will not be smooth.
When it's ready it will be fairly soft still so transfer it to the container you want to store it in and then put it in the freezer until it's set up all the way.

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