Thursday, February 19, 2009

Candy of the month feb. 09

A not so good few days I've been having has all been made up for since Adam brought in the mail! Our candy of the month from Lollyphile/Candyphile is here! Boyer Smoothie Peanut Butter Cups complete with play money! A butterscotch peanut butter cup, that's right, just like a regular peanut butter cup except butterscotch instead of chocolate. The butterscotch isn't over powering. The peanut butter in the middle is the sweetest part, it's a little lumpy, you can see the small peanut pieces through the butterscotch covering. The PB middle reminds me of a De La Rosa Peanut Candy, same texture but not quite a dry, the after taste of both are very close. I would defiantly consider ordering these some time in the future. Visit the Boyer website fore more information on the 'smoothie' cup and more yummie treats such as a mallow cup.


Nicole said...

interesting...Id try it. Right now Im obsessed with making my own cupcake recipes. Maybe we could bake together.

Shelly said...

Welcome to the foodie blog roll. My hubby and I are both big fans of the mallow cups, will have to try the smoothie peanut butter cups next!