Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Corned beef and cabbage

When I was little I looked forward to st pattys day just for the corned beef. No one ever seemed to make it any other time of year. Yummy salty stringy beef with lots of mustard on it, soft usually mushy cabbage, lots of little red potatoes.... and carrots. Seriously, who likes the carrots? To me there's nothing worse than cooked carrots, but that's a whole nother story.
It's so easy, open the meat, boil it, add veggies, and there your have it. Yummieness. I think corned beef and cabbage, along with a whole 'thanks giving' turkey should both be eaten once a month, I could only wish. Now that I able to make my own, the only question now is, what kind of mustard? Spicy brown, regular old yellow, dijon, spicy brown with horse radish, honey mustard, sweet and spicy mustard.... i'm sure the list could go one. Me, persoanlly, I am all about the regular old yellow, or spicy brown.
Here's some history of this "Irish" dish

So to everyone, enjoy your corned beef and cabbage and don't forget to have a green beer! Happy St Pattys day!

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