Friday, November 6, 2009

Candy of the month Oct. 09

We've renewed our candy of the month club! Who doesn't love candy shipped to them every month? When we got home from our vacation last month it was waiting for us in a manila envelope. We opened it to find Chick-O-Stick(s). My first thought was all this money and they send us Chick-O-Stick.............A butterfinger type candy 'stick' rolled in coconut. I already know I don't like them because many times i've tried to convince myself I did. I can't stand coconut. Except... who doesn't like a butterfinger type candy!? I convinced myself to try it one last time. It wasn't as bad as I had remembered. I suppose i've warmed up to them. The Chick-O-Stick is made by the Atkinson Candy Co. located in Texas. They come in a long stick (like the one pictured above), small round bite size pieces, or (my favorite version, it has less coconut) bite size flat sticks.
The Atkinson Candy Co. also makes one of my other favorite peanut butter candies. The peanut butter bar. A thin white hard candy with flakey peanut buttery layers in the middle, as Rachel Ray says "YUM-O"
Both candies are available in most every store, and in the Atkinson Candy Co. online store in bulk and sugar free options.

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