Friday, January 23, 2009

Candy of the month dec. 08

We signed us up for a candy of the month club through
They have some interesting lolly pop flavors, which we have yet to try. Maple Bacon lollys, Absinthe lollys, and their newest flavor Wasabi-Ginger lollys. The Candyphile section is where you can sign up for your own candy of the month, get more information and prices, and see what next month's candy is.

December was our first month, and the candy was Sifers Valomilk. On the package they are described as creamy flowing marshmallow in two milk chocolate cups. They were really big,, deep like the resses BIG peantubutter cups. Bite into them and marshmallow starts to go everywhere, you better eat them fast. If the chocolate broke in the package you bet you'll be gnawing all the marshmallow off the package. They were extreamly sweet, but pretty good. I don't care for marshmallow, i could barly eat one of them. I think i'm going into sugar shock just thinking about eating one again. If you really like marshmallow, and really sweet these are for you, other wise beware! Not for the faint of heart. To find out more about the candy itself visit

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